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attn: chicago (hula) hoopers??

i'm getting interested in hooping and would love to find some fellow hoopers. i only know of one class, but hear it's a little new-agey-get-in-touch-with-your-hoop for me. it's also kind of expensive, so i figure i'll try one last thing before i give up and go to learn at least a few tricks.

anyone want to start a class?? i'd love to help start a class with hip hop, cabaret - FUN - music and focus on tricks. i took a burlesque-y hoop class years ago and would love something more along those lines.

right? how fun does this sound?

anyone interested? i will do as much as i can with the details (where we might meet, etc) if i can find someone to LEAD the class. is this you? maybe we can get enough people to even pay that it would be profitable-y.


also - if you think you'd like to get involved too, please chime in. first, hooping is cool. second, custom hoops are cool. third, 600 calories an hour burned - even while watching TV -- is cool. enough said? even if it just SOUNDS fun, please let me know. i would love to make this happen.

cranky rogalsky

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