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Free photo session

Free photo session for the first 10 clients!

Take advantage of this great weather! Everything is in bloom and perfect for a photosession!

How this works:
- you contact me and we set up time and location
- I come to your place (home, park, beach any other place) and take the pictures (1-2 hours).
- in 2-3 days I e-mail you address of your gallery where you can preview the results
- If you don't like the previews, YOU DO NOT PAY ANYTHING
- If you like the preview, but do not want any prints, you copy these previews (~300x400 pixels) to your computer and use any way you like to. YOU DO NOT PAY ANYTHING.
- If you like the preview and would like to get some prints or a disk with big resolution files, only then you pay $250 for the photo session plus $50 for each pose that you want to print or $15 for each pose that you want on the disk.

Who do I work with:
- expectant mothers (35-37 weeks is the best time to do this)
- newborn babies (2-3 weeks):
- babies (1 month to 1 year):
- kids:
- siblings:
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