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moving sale, Arlington Heights

Got a bunch of furniture, and MUST sell it in the next 2 weeks. Also, if people would care to donate money, boxes, help moving stuff, that would be great too.


You'd need to pick this stuff up yourself. We can't deliver it. We're in Arlington Heights.

$500 for 1 sofa, 1 loveseat, maybe 10-15 years old, good condition, from Marshall Fields. Blue & white plaid.

I have 1 Queen sized bed, with mattress less than 5 years old, and frame. Matching it is a headboard, footboard, 2 end tables, 1 dresser, 1 armoire. All this is out of some sort of wood, we think whitewashed poplar, and has the natural look, with a clear finish on it. I may break it into pieces, but it does all match.

Again, I'd take best offers on these:

$200 Queen sized bed, with mattress and box springs and frame. Technically, the frame is the wrong size, but we made it work. It seems to be meant for a double. We have another frame in the basement, but it may not work with this headboard. (See below).
$50 each, headboard & footboard. (Note: Footboard does not fit with current frame, but we MIGHT have a frame that works. We just put the end tables at the foot of the bed)
$200 Bedding. Fits Queen Sized mattress, not even 1 year old yet. Includes waterproof pad, ruffle, fitted sheet, sheet, comforter, pillow cases. Blue & white striped.
$30 each, for end table, 2 of them.
$100 for Dresser
$75 for Armoire. Looks like it could hold a small TV inside, and a hole is cut for that. We used it for clothes, books, tools, and random stuff. It's the thing behind me in the picture, and all the other furniture matches it.

I'll admit, this isn't the best picture, but it's all I can provide right now... (Yes, the furniture is behind me! I am not for sale!)

A slightly better picture is here:¤t=100_0892.jpg

Also for sale, and NOT matching, as above would be:

$200 Double sized mattress, with box springs. Frame is currently on Queen sized mattress. We can work something out. Besides, I hear the frame doesn't cost much.
$50 for Queen sized headboard, green & brown wood.

I also have several bookcases I need to get rid of. I might ask about $20 or best offer for the large ones, maybe $5-10 for smaller ones. Most are wood of some sort, and some of them match. Most are about 6 feet tall, 3 feet wide, 1 1/2 feet back.

$100 desk and chair, decent shape, wood, white
$50 dresser, wood, white, matches desk & chair above
$30 bookcase, white wood, matches desk, chair, dresser above

$100 kitchen table, with 2 or 3 matching chairs, white wood
$50 kitchen storage rack, silver
$20 microwave rack, with shelving below
$50 open cabinet with shelving, and open area for stacking things or displays, white wood, aged to yellow
$50 hexagon shaped coffee table, dark colored wood and black metal
$20 standard coffee table, dark colored wood.
$75 for microwave, newish, decent sized
$30 for older microwave, very small, kinda half powered
$15 small dresser, maybe 3 feet tall, 3 drawers

FREE TO GOOD HOME: (This stuff is not in great shape, but if you want it, come get it!)

1 computer desk, dark wood, with small shelf
1 small desk more worthy of being a printer stand, and was used as such.
1 entertainment shelving unit
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